Thursday, October 8, 2009

Beach Burger

Summer's here, and it's a great time for a beach barbeque!

Tilt the screen to move across the beach and catch the burgers and toppings tossed at you from the grill. Avoid the top bun as often as you dare, and soon you'll have the biggest burger on the beach.

But a hugely tall burger isn't very stable, so you'd better stack it up just right or your burger will be a seagull's lunch! Maybe you should just catch the top bun now.

Beach Burgers is easy to learn, hard to master, occasionally maddening, and always entertaining. Bring the beach to your phone today!


- Side-scrolling tilt-screen gameplay
- Local and global high scores
- Built-in ocean-and-reggae soundtrack, or play your own music
- Pause on touch
- Automatic game save and restore