Friday, November 20, 2009

Anatomy of Yoga Series

See a 360-degree view of every muscle and structure used in each of these three Yoga poses! Anatomy of Yoga reveals how each muscle contributes to the whole in creating each pose. Use as a visualization reference that's always with you, or as a handy visual aid when discussing Yoga with friends, students, and classmates.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Redneck Fishing

Sure is a pretty pond, what with the clear water and the sky and waves and all.
Looks like it's full of fish, too. Bream and bass, maybe a lunker or two in there.
Say darlin', would you mind handin' me a half dozen of the red sticks from the truck box? Careful with 'em, now.


- Realistic water simulation

- Fish swim, school, and react naturally to their environment

- Local and global high scores

- Double-tap to drop in a stick of dynamite and maybe bring home a few

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dentist Drill

A dental drill is like a hobby rotary tool on steroids. Its shrill whine can make grown men want to run away, crawl under a table and curl up into the fetal position. If you're like us, situations like this make you think: "That's just awful. How can I harness this power for my own benefit?"

Our dental drill, using real-life sound samples, starts off with a menacing whine as the long, needle-like drill bit spins up. As the phone is tilted, the pitch builds to a shrieking fury until the drill is level, at which point the whine is punctuated by the unmistakable piercing squeal of the bit making contact.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Flip, the Hamster

Flip races to reach the cookie, you spin the wheel faster to flip Flip. 

But Flip really, really wants the cookie. Each time he flips, he just runs faster.

How many times can you flip Flip before he gets the cookie?

Surf Shark

Gaze into the sparkling turquise sea.
Watch the ripples spread from your touch.
Flick the shiny surfboard around.
Feed another chunk of bloody meat to the circling sharks.

The open ocean is not your mama's Koi pond.


- Realistic water simulation
- Touch the screen to create waves and ripples
- Surfboard rolls and surfs in response to water conditions and your touch
- Double-tap the screen to feed the sharks
- Sharks swim naturally and respond to food and to each other

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Beach Burger

Summer's here, and it's a great time for a beach barbeque!

Tilt the screen to move across the beach and catch the burgers and toppings tossed at you from the grill. Avoid the top bun as often as you dare, and soon you'll have the biggest burger on the beach.

But a hugely tall burger isn't very stable, so you'd better stack it up just right or your burger will be a seagull's lunch! Maybe you should just catch the top bun now.

Beach Burgers is easy to learn, hard to master, occasionally maddening, and always entertaining. Bring the beach to your phone today!


- Side-scrolling tilt-screen gameplay
- Local and global high scores
- Built-in ocean-and-reggae soundtrack, or play your own music
- Pause on touch
- Automatic game save and restore